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Lotusz Farm LLC is a Ghanaian based registered entity precisely into growing of food crops, marketing and selling of farm produce, end-product of the farm produce, renting of agricultural machinery. We are purposely into growing farm produce such as, grains, cereals, vegetables, beans, nuts etc. Lotusz Farm LLC is looking forward into partnering with like minded business personnel, businesses, business owners in other to propagate this common agenda so as to provide food for humanity. Lotusz Farm LLC is working so hard in other to in the Agriculture sector to provide food to its nearby communities, Ghanaians and to the world at large to exports. Our doors are open to all consumers such as local and foreign buyers, exporters willing to buy directly from us or give us seeds to grow for them for export purposes, or even Ghanaian businesses will to buy from us and process them into an end products. We’ll be much grateful to be your partner in business. Cheers, #Lotusz Farm LLC.

Lotusz Farm

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Lotusz Farm
October 2023
Gets launched by Bright A. Hilton.

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